Xump 2

Back In Space

Xump LogoReleased: Revision 2017, Last Update: 16 April 2017
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Xump 2 - Back In Space is the second follow up of Xump.

Help Misuki to clean up deserted space fields. Luckily Holger borrowed out his headbot Xump, who will take over again.

Clear all dissolving tiles on several single-screen levels by simply stepping on them, one by one. Few fields are secured with mines and need a double tap. Mines can be blown up when passing by or disarmed by Xump when staying on this specific field for a short moment. Certainly the mission sounds easier than it will be.

Xump 2 Features

* Joystick, Joypad and Mouse Controls (all system depending)
* 3 YM tracks for your audio pleasure!
* 48 levels
* Retro styled password system

Xump 2 Core Team

FlorentFlorent (x7r)

Christian DammChristian Damm (Ragnarok)
Graphics, Character Design

Jakup SzelagJakub Szelag (AceMan)

Andrew LemonAndrew Lemon (ne7)
Sound Effects

Shahzad SahaibShahzad Sahaib (Kojote)
Producer, Beta-Test, Levels

Xump 2 Porting Team

FlorentFlorent (x7r)
Mega Drive

Xump 2 Helping Hands

Lars PerssonLars Persson (Anotherguest)
Code, Beta-Test

Andre HaenselAndre Haensel (Kedo)

Christian HildenbrandChristian Hildenbrand (Daydream)
Character Design

Denny MuellerDenny Mueller (Mulle)

Martin AhmanMartin Ahman (Altraz)

Xump 2 Screenshots

Screenshot Xump Screenshot Xump Screenshot Xump

Xump 2 Downloads

Platform Version Download
Mega Drive / Genesis Mega Drive / Genesis v0.50 Download

Xump 2 for Mega Drive / Genesis is homebrew software and not endorsed or approved by Sega