Physical release information: Trap Runner will be published by APC & TCP Germany! Please get in touch with andreas(at) He will mail you when the game is out as boxed release along with goodies!

Trap Runner

Trap Runner Logo'Party Release' Date: 8. September 2018 (Function 2018)
'Final Release' Date: 3. March 2019
Last Update: 10. March 2019
Downloads: see below

Trap Runner is a classic platform game with few twists. Mind traps, obstacles and monsters.

Beside the genre-typical jumping and running action you can cower yourself to avoid contact with low flying monsters. In later levels magic pills will help your task to save May. Collect potions to fill transparent ghost tiles with colour to make them solid. Other pills will change your own skin colour, allowing you to pass tiles with the exactly same colour.

Collect items to increase your score, gain extra lives or fulfil one of the special missions. Two of four levels a world have a mission to accomplish.

Trap Runner Storyline

While Jay is on a picknick with his love May, a strange creature with spooky glowing eyes appears. 'Har! Har! Do you really believe that a pathetic white something like you deservce such a cute girl? She belongs to me now!'. With a bright flash the creature and May disappear. Jay packs his stuff up, but somehow thinks: 'If this would be a computer game from the 80's, it would be indeed a very poor and unoriginal story...'.

Trap Runner Features

Trap Runner Core Team

Frank WilleFrank Wille (phx)

Gerrit WilleGerrit Wille (Trimagic)
Concept, Graphics, Music, Levels

Denny MüllerDenny Mueller (Mulle)
Beta-Test, Support

Shahzad SahaibShahzad Sahaib (Kojote)
Support, PR

Trap Runner Helping Hand

Jonathan DoddJonathan Dodd (dulcahn)

Trap Runner Screenshots

Screenshot Trap Runner Screenshot Trap Runner Screenshot Trap Runner Screenshot Trap Runner

Trap Runner Gameplay

Trap Runner Downloads

Platform Version Download
Amiga OCS Amiga OCS Floppy Disk
(works on ECS/AGA too)
v1.2 03-MAR-2019 Download

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