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Release Date: 2011; Homepage: www.sqrxz.de; Facebook: fb.com/sqrxz

A german saying claims that "All good things come in threes" - Not many players were able to play Sqrxz 2 to the end. This did not keep us back to get the previous team together once again and work on a even harder third part. Not to forget Lycan who drew a wonderful storyline.

Sqrxz 3 was initially released for Dreamcast and the release place was tUM 2011 demoparty. The game ranked 2nd in the game development competition which brought us a bottle of wine, a small trophy and a fridge magnet :)


Sqrxz and his girlfriend were on a romantic adventure journey in a jungle somewhere here on our planet. All of a sudden Yve gets kidnapped by an evil power and Sqrxz is forced to collect dozens of shiny little rings to free her. The old ruins he has to explore are anything else than safe. Traps are spread all over the place… and… Sqrxz is not alone!

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