Sqrxz 3

Adventure For Love

Sqrxz 3 LogoReleased: 2011
Homepage: www.sqrxz.de/sqrxz-3
Facebook: facebook.com/sqrxz

A german saying claims that "All good things come in threes" - Not many players were able to play Sqrxz 2 to the end. This did not keep us back to get the previous team together once again and work on a even harder third part. Not to forget Lycan who drew a wonderful storyline.

Sqrxz 3 was initially released for Dreamcast and the release place was tUM 2011 demoparty. The game ranked 2nd in the game development competition which brought us a bottle of wine, a small trophy and a fridge magnet :)

Screenshot Sqrxz 3 Screenshot Sqrxz 3 Screenshot Sqrxz 3