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We love retro!

Retroguru is an international team of creative minds, programmers, musicians and graphic artists with a passion for retrogames. Computergames made in the late 80ies and early 90ies undoubtably do have their very own charm. Many groundbreaking games and concepts were introduced in this time period. Most games were addictive and easy to understand - just load the game and play without spending too much time reading a manual. While most games were rather simple compared to todays productions, they are still a blast!

Free games!

Retroguru will not charge you for digital games! If you still have the urge to give us something, please consider a donation to fund the next project.

Tiny stuff!

Retroguru games will not fill up your entire harddisk, our games are optimized to be tiny in size.


Retroguru does not only produce games for active platforms, but also for systems who commercially died a while ago. We are one of the very few developers who still care of the Dreamcast! Also we support obscure handhelds such as Dingoo, GP2x, Wiz and Caanoo! We also love AmigaOS, MorphOS & co.

High portability!

Retroguru uses ANSI C 90 (with a little essence of C++) and libSDL v1.2 to create their games. This guarantuees fast and easy porting. If you are interested to bring our games to not yet supported platforms or operating systems, please get in touch with us!