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Release Date: 2010; Homepage: www.sqrxz.de; Facebook: fb.com/sqrxz

In 1994, at this time, two young swedish developers named Marcus Vesterlund and John Holmvall were about to create a The Great Giana Sisters styled game. The name of this production should have been Galliano Brothers but it turned out to be totally different and the concept slowly morphed into what is today known as Sqrxz. The original game was for DOS. Jimmy Jimmy Mårdell redid Sqrxz for TI calculators and Gameboy Color, where the game gained a lot of attention and cult status. Up to now the TI versions are amongst the best games ever created for this calculator.

The founder of Retroguru, Shahzad, knew Sqrxz a long time ago from Gameboy Color and in 2010 the idea was born to bring this game back for up to date, but also older systems. The team already had a working Jump'n'Run engine and Rodolphe our main coder started right away and had a playable prototype ready in less than two days.

A bit of polishing here, new graphics by Simon and the great chip tunes of Brendan gave the game a great retouch. Last but not least three levels were added by Rabia.

Marcus and John were slightly pleased by this remake and approved our work. Marcus even helped out to improve the controls.

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Sqrxz for Nintendo GameCube and Nintendo Wii are homebrew softwares and not endorsed or approved by Nintendo.

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