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Release Date: RetroKomp / LOAD ERROR 2018; Last Update: 8. September 2019

Super Nutmeg is an enhanced version of Photon Storm's HTML5 game Nutmeg. The original game is a one button jump & run game. You can find this original game playing the classic mode.

What is so super on Super Nutmeg? Super Nutmeg is a sidescrolling jump and run game. Resuce your buddies, fight the evil kidnapper, collect stars, earn powers and avoid enemies at any cost. As usual, a simple but yet slightly entertaining story. Powerups will make you climb ropes and jump higher, which can be of advantage in later levels and fighting the boss.

This game is still in development. So please check again later!

Super Nutmeg Gameplay Video

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Screenshot Super Nutmeg Screenshot Super Nutmeg Screenshot Super Nutmeg Screenshot Super Nutmeg

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Super Nutmeg Downloads

Platform Version DL
Atari Lynx Atari Lynx (Nutmeg Classic Enhanced) v0.9b Download
Dreamcast Dreamcast (CDI-Image) v0.8 Download
Windows Windows (32 Bit) v0.9 Download

Super Nutmeg Legal

Super Nutmeg for Sega Dreamcast is homebrew software and not endorsed or approved by Sega.