Trap Runner

Trap Runner LogoRelease Date: Function 2018 - Last Update: 8. September 2018
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This is a classical jump and run, with some special features. It is designed to be always fair, but you have to be alert all the time to evade all of the traps, obstacles and monsters.

Besides the genre-typical jumping and running you can duck to evade flying monsters and use magic in later levels, after collecting potions, which enables you to fill transparent ghost tiles with colour, to make them solid. There are also magical pills to collect, which make you change your own colour and render tiles with the same colour passable.

Collect lots of other items to increase your score, gain extra lives or fulfil one of the special level missions (like: collect all four puzzle tiles in a level to open the exit). Two of the four levels in a world have a mission. The other two are free runs - just reach the exit.


While Jay is eating his favourite snack on a picnic with May, a strange creature with spooky brown cape and glowing pink eyes appears. "Har! Har! Do you really believe that a pathetic white figure like you could have a girlfriend like May? She belongs to me!". With a last bright flash, the creature and May both disappear. So Jay is starting rescuing her while he's thinking: "If this were a computer game from the 80's, it would be a very poor, unoriginal story..."

Trap Runner Features

Trap Runner Core Team

Frank WilleFrank Wille (phx)

Gerrit WilleGerrit Wille (Trimagic)
Concept, Graphics, Music, Levels

Denny MüllerDenny Mueller (Mulle)
Beta-Test, Support

Shahzad SahaibShahzad Sahaib (Kojote)
Support, PR

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Screenshot Trap Runner Screenshot Trap Runner Screenshot Trap Runner Screenshot Trap Runner

Trap Runner Gameplay

Physical Release

A physical release is planned. Stay tuned!

Trap Runner Downloads

Platform Version Download
Amiga OCS Amiga OCS Floppy Disk (works on all Amiga systems with Floppy Disk Drive & 1 MB RAM) v1.0 Download